Cantece in limba engleza

Pentru a facilita gasirea cantecelelor pe care le folosim la atelierele de engleza, m-am gandit ca ar fi o idee buna sa fac un fel de inventar, pe care o sa-l actualizez de fiecare data cand gasesc noi cantece. La ateliere mai modific versurile in functie de ceea ce urmarim.

Warm up songs

1. Two little feet

2. Open, shut them

3. Hokey pokey

4. Walking, walking

5. Make a circle

6. Pinocchio

7. Roll your hands

8. Shake and move

9. A ram sam sam

10. Open, shut 

11. Wind the bobbin up

 My body

1. One little finger

2. Head, shoulders, knees and toes

3. Can you find a … 

4. Body parts


1. I see colours everywhere

2. I see something blue

Farm animals

1. Old Mac Donald had a farm

2. Let’s take a walk around the farm

3. Hello animals! 

Wild animals

1. Walking in the jungle

2. Hickory dickory dock

3. Down in the jungle 


1. Incy wincy spider


1. Once I caught a fish alive

2. Five little monkeys

3. Ten little indians

My family

1. Daddy finger

Weather and seasons

1. Seasons song

2. What’s the weather?

3. Rain, rain go away!


1. Food song

2. I like food

3. The fruit song


1. If you’re happy and you know it


1. The wind blows

2. Put on your shoes

3. The clothes song

Winter and Christmas

1. Snowflakes

2. Little snowflake

3. All I want for Christmas 

4. Santa Claus is coming to town

5. I’m a little snowman

6. Hello, Reindeer!

7. Santa! (noi nu spunem cuvantul pe litere, spunem doar „Santa, Santa Claus, Santa, Santa claus and Santa is his name”)

8. Let’s build a snowman!

9. Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer

10. Frosty the snowman

11. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

12. Jingle bells!

Mother’s day

1. Oh, dear mama

2. Red cherries

3. I love my mummy

4. My mummy


1. Five little pumpkins

2. Trick or treat!


1. The wheels on the bus

2. We all go travelling by

Days of the week

1. Days of the week song 

2. I never go to work

Positional words

1. On, in, under, by

2. Under the banana tree 

3. On, in under 

4. Rolly Polly

My house

1.Let’s clean up!

2. Cows in the kitchen

The five senses

1. My five senses

Daily routines

1.  Wake up!


1. The greetings song

2. Hello!


  1. The opposites action and dance song
  2. The opposites song

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